Domain Names

WebSpring offer a complete domain name purchase, management and renewal service.

All Domain names are offered with email and website forwarding so that traffic is automatically forwarded to the target location of your choice. Domains may be transferred at any time to any host.

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WebSpring offer a fast and reliable, professionally managed, website hosting service that is ideal for commercial websites and e-commerce applications.

Websites may be hosted on Unix or NT servers to best meet the needs of the application and we are pleased to provide quotations for website hosting packages designed to meet your specific needs.

A typical hosting packages comprises:

  • 15MB of web space
  • Remote administration
  • Up to 100 mail forwardings
  • Up to 5 pop3 accounts

Site Analysis

The Internet provides a unique opportunity to communicate with your customers. It also provides a unique opportunity to track the visitors to your website and to understand how they are using the information you provide. This facility is simply not available with any other media and offers an unprecedented opportunity for you to see:

  • How many people visited your website
  • When they visited
  • Where in the world they came from
  • What they looked at
  • How they found your website
  • What hardware and software they were using

Plus much more information that will enable you to better understand how visitors are using your website and where further development or alterations may be needed.

Using the latest software we can analyse the raw data and provide a detailed monthly report in an easily understood format. We can also offer a special service to analyse these reports on your behalf and make website development recommendations.

Web Marketing

Successful websites need to be visible and easily found. It is clearly important that these factors need to be considered at the outset when a website is being designed and developed but do not stop when the website is launched.

With the millions of websites now available for browsers to view, it is essential that websites are marketed to ensure that they enjoy prominence and visibility.

Typically Internet Marketing includes analysis of website performance and ensuring that a website can be easily found by the “Search Engines”. WebSpring naturally offers both of these important services, however, we are also able to advise on the broader promotional aspects of your website whether this be by using on-line advertising or more conventional promotional methods.

We also undertake detailed website audits to understand which areas of your website are succeeding and those that are not. We can arrange user surveys and advise on newsletters, competitions and various other traffic building techniques.

We can also advise on the use of other Internet based promotional methods from broadcast emails to viral marketing. For more information on our Internet Marketing services, please contact us.

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